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“We go above and beyond”

South Pass Partners is a wealth management company founded and headquartered in Japan. We are committed to delivering high-caliber wealth management services by building relationships with our clients that are built on three fundamental principles of trust, ethics and integrity.

Since we first opened our doors in 2015, South Pass Partners have offered unbiased perspectives, customized planning and intricate investment management solutions to individual investors, families and institutions. Our services, solutions and advice are designed to last. Situated in the ever growing financial hub that is Japan, South Pass Partners stay true to our founder’s philosophy of providing only the best services for our clients.

South Pass Partners offers a broad range of investment solutions and financial advice. From high net-worth individuals and their families to international businesses, we tailor the needs of private clients and retail investors that are looking to maximize their net-worth for themselves and of course, future generations. We remain true to our independence and to our dedication to putting our clients’ needs first in everything we do.

South Pass Partners achieves client satisfaction and beyond with astute client fact finding interviews conducted by our dedicated advisors. This allows our experts to establish the needs of our clients’ financial goals and aspirations.

South Pass Partners’ process is of paramount importance to tailoring bespoke solutions and strategies to every individual client that forms the foundations from which we design and structure dynamic solutions which is ultimately tailored to service our clients’ best interests in any financial conditions.

Headquartered in Japan for over 6 years, South Pass Partners remains a leading expert in the continuously evolving financial industry. Supported by a team of dedicated professionals, South Pass Partners applies a boutique approach to offering customized financial solutions through sound financial products and services.

Guided by strong values of professionalism and integrity, South Pass Partners upholds its mission to administer expert financial advice with a superior level of service.

At South Pass Partners, we understand in great deal that knowledge, trust and integrity are of paramount importance. We put our beliefs in action employing the very best advisors. Our distinguished personnel demonstrate their proficiency in all the methods we practice, in ethics and practical knowledge in all aspects of financial planning discipline.

Our commitment is to providing our clients with a qualified approach to wealth creation and management which is fundamental in achieving your financial goals and objectives.

In today’s ever changing financial industry, South Pass Partners know that your personal financial and investment affairs require attention to detail, and with South Pass Partners, you can be sure to receive a professional and superior level of service every time.