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South Pass Partners offers a peerless asset management service to our global client base of high net-worth individuals, investors and their families, each of which have gone through an alternative journey through life and have a unique set of criteria that form the basis of their financial goals and aspirations.

South Pass Partners delivers customised solutions and services which seek to enhance the overall client experience and to deliver results and surpass what is typically expected from a leading wealth management firm.


For over 5 years, experience shows that the two main predominant concerns that clients who have gained significant wealth and assets are:

  • Clients want to see their portfolio grow in value
  • Clients want to minimize risk

South Pass Partners management solutions are designed to benefit the specific needs and requirements of each client. South Pass Partners encourages clients to be actively involved in decision-making processes, however, we appreciate that most clients have personal or family agendas, therefore, handing the responsibility of their financial affairs to our dedicated Personal Advisors and South Pass Partners bespoke asset management solutions.